Updating Your Team Profile

Who can update a team profile?

Each team can designate one or more people to make updates to their profile. To request a profile or to request access to a profile, please fill out the online form.

Each team is responsible for making changes to their profile. Changes can include description and the team photo.

Updating your profile

  1. Log in to this site using the Webmaster link in the footer.
  2. Navigate to "People" in the left-hand navigation
  3. You should have access to only see your team's profile. Click on your profile to edit it.
  4. The form fields on this page will allow you to change:
    1. First Name - This should always be "Team"
    2. Last Name - This should be your team name
    3. Title - This should be your class section
  5. The editor portion of this page will allow you add information you'd like to share about your team and project
  6. The bottom right of this page will allow you to upload a photo to represent your team.

When updating your profile, please adhere to the guidelines as communicated during your course.